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The Law Offices of Jonathan C. Capp provides skillful and dedicated representation for both Plaintiffs and Defendants in US State and Federal Courts.

We have recovered millions of dollars in settlements for their clients.

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Litigation in the United States often presents unique  challenges. Each of the fifty states have their own laws and regulations. On top of this, certain matters, such as copyright and trademark matters, are within the jurisdiction of the Federal courts.

Sometimes the parties can elect to file a lawsuit in either federal or state court. Other times matters are submitted to arbitration.

Unlike many other countries, in the United States most civil litigants have the right to trial by jury. An American jury is normally 12 persons drawn at random to listen to all the evidence and who render the final verdict and often fix the damages to be awarded to a Plaintiff.

Whatever, the situation, the attorneys at Capp & Associates can frequently assist by providing either direct representation or working together with local attorneys should need be.

Capp and Associates can represent their international clients on hourly rates, for flat fees and also on contingency-that is on a no -win no fee, percentage recovery basis.

Our practice encompasses all court and trial work including the following:

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